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What is a Binary Option?

A Binary Option is a financial instrument, specially designed for the private investor, which reduces the complexity of the financial market to the essentials:
“Will the price rise or fall?”
Predict which way the price moves and get up to an 85% return if your prediction is correct. If you are wrong, you can never lose more than your invested capital.

Up to 85% Return from a Single Trade

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    What do you want to trade?

    Select your underlying asset. You can choose from currency pairs, stocks, indices (i.e. the DAX) or commodities.

  • 2

    When should your option expire?

    Define your expiry time, the time when your option will be evaluated. This can be as much as several weeks or as little as 60 seconds.

  • 3

    How much do you want to invest?

    Determine your desired investment amount. You can choose from €1 to €1,500.

  • 4

    Will the price rise or fall?

    Decide if you think the price of your chosen underlying asset will rise or fall before the expiry time.

Why Trade Binary Options with BDSwiss?

  • 500,000 international clients

  • €0.00 fees for trade execution

  • 24/7 trade around the clock

  • Up to 85% return from 1 trade

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The ideal entry

Limit your trading analysis to trend recognition. Will the price rise or fall? That’s all you have to decide!

Huge selection

Experience an almost limitless range of trading possibilities. More than 250 underlying assets in 6 different trading formats.

Unique strategy opportunities

Develop your own strategy using global economic data, market analysis, expert webinars, live trading sessions and much more!

Competent multilingual support

Our multilingual support is ready to help you from 09:00 -­ 23:30 CET via telephone, email and live chat.

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Risk Warning: Trading Binary Options and CFDs is highly speculative and carries a high level of risk.