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The BDSwiss Wealth Management Program is ideal for individuals who don’t have the time, know-how or expertise to manage their investments, diversify their portfolio and find ways to make the most out of their capital. BDSwiss acts as an intermediary allowing investors interested in maximizing returns to place their funds with seasoned Fund Managers who will invest their capital on their behalf.

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Your capital at Risk

How does the BDSwiss
Wealth Management program work?


Choosing a Trusted Partner

Investors choose one or multiple Fund Managers to invest their funds with. At BDSwiss we offer complete transparency by giving a number of performance metrics to investors seeking to choose the right Fund Managers including their success rate, their current balance, the strategy they will be using, their total profits and their fees and charges, among others.


Having a professional trader invest your funds

Each Fund Manager and all participating investors will form a pool of funds. The Fund Manager will then use these funds to trade the Global Financial Markets following his proposed strategy. Profits and losses will be allocated proportionately at 12pm GMT+3 everyday. You can monitor your investments’ performance and daily PNL on your BDSwiss Managed Account dashboard, accessible on any mobile or desktop device.


Withdrawing your profits

Profits can be withdrawn at the end of a certain trading period as defined by the Fund Manager. This period can range from a week to a month. Upon withdrawing his/her profit the investor will also need to pay the Fund Manager a certain percentage of the profits as performance fee. All withdrawals are processed at 12pm GMT+3 the following day.

Mutual Advantages

The BDSwiss Wealth Management Program allows investors and seasoned Fund Managers to combine their funds and potentially maximize returns. Investors benefit from the expertise of professional traders while Fund Managers are able to trade using larger volumes of funds thus maximizing returns.

Interested in being a Fund Manager?

Start by opening a normal investor BDSwiss Managed Account and depositing a certain amount as your starting capital. Next, you need to apply to become a Fund Manager. Once you are approved, you will be able to design your strategies in which you will list your terms and fees for future investors. The more successful your trading strategies are, the higher your ranking on the Fund Managers’ Leaderboard which could attract further investments.

Interested in being an Investor?

As an investor you don’t need to have trading experience in Foreign Exchange and Derivative markets, but you should be aware of the risks and rewards involved. Make sure you have chosen the Fund Manager/s you wish to invest with carefully; taking into consideration their proposal, strategy, performance metrics. Remember that the success of your investment depends on the success of your Fund Manager/s.

Upozornění na rizika: Obchodování binárních opcí a CFD je značně spekulativní činnost, která v sobě nese vysokou míru rizika.