What is a “Ladder Option”?

A Ladder Option is a special type of Binary Option, which is represented by five levels set at equal distances from one another. You have the ability to predict if the price of the underlying asset will be above or below each of these levels when the option expires.

How to trade a “Ladder Option”?

The Ladder Options are offered on currency pairs, commodities and indices.


1. Expiration time

After you have chosen your desired underlying asset from the list provided, the next step is to choose the expiration time. You have until five minutes before your selected expiration time to select the level and direction you want to invest in.

2. Amount of Investment

Enter the amount you are willing to invest.

3. Call or Put

The level selection is what makes Ladder Options so special. These levels are offered at equal intervals and are displayed in the chart of the current price. For each level, you have the possibility to invest in whether the price will be above or below the level when the option expires. The payout rates vary depending on which level and direction you choose.

You have determined all of the factors and can now complete your Ladder Options trade order.

How is the outcome determined?

At your selected expiration time, it will be automatically checked if your prediction was correct. The actual price at the time of expiry will be taken and compared with the price of the asset when the option was opened.

A correct prediction leads to the reimbursement of your initial investment plus the agreed upon payout. An incorrect prediction leads to the loss of the initial investment. In the event that the opening and expiry prices are the same, your initial investment will be refunded.

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