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Introduction to BDSwiss WebTrader

In this lesson our instructor will take you through our natively developed BDSwiss WebTrader, highlighting its key features for a simple and new way to trade! What Will You Learn? Why BDSwiss WebTrader is suitable for Beginners How to navigate the Webtrader platform How to use the available indicators and charting tools How to place … Continued

How to Place a Trade

In this lesson you will learn how to place your first trade and close your position with stop loss and take profit. What Will You Learn? How to use the entry order functions of MT4 How to set a Stop Loss and Take Profit How to see your actual Profit and Loss on a trade … Continued

Charting Basics on the MT4

Learn about all the available charting tools and indicators on the BDSwiss MT4 Platform. What Will You Learn? How to read a chart How to customise a chart How to use technical analysis on charts How to find good trade entries Beginner Video Courses Take the Quiz ← Back to Overview

Introduction to the MT4 Trading Platform

The MetaTrader is the world’s no.1 Forex and CFD trading platform and it is freely available to all BDSwiss clients, in this lesson you will learn how to use this invaluable tool in your everyday trading. What Will You Learn? How to download and install MT4 on your device An overview of MT4 functionalities What … Continued

What’s Moving the Markets?

Learn about the major factors and events that can move the financial markets and in which ways. What Will You Learn? What is fundamental analysis? What is technical analysis? What are the most important fundamental recurring events? How to combine both analysis methods to find good trading entries Beginner Video Courses Take the Quiz ← … Continued

What is Trading?

In this lesson we will explore the origins of trading and how it evolved from the exclusive circle of banks and financial institutions to online products available to the broader public. What Will You Learn? A definition of trading A brief history of trading The accessibility and opportunity in online trading A brief overview of … Continued

How to use Trading alerts

What are Trading Alerts? Trading alerts can essentially give an estimate on market direction. BDSwiss Trading Alerts are provided by experienced market analysts who study the markets every day to summarize what they think will be each day’s most notable price trends and share their personal insight with our traders. BDSwiss Trading Alerts Service provides … Continued

Forex Market Hours

BDSwiss’ platforms are available for trading currency pairs 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (Monday – Friday), but some cryptocurrency pairs are available for trading on a 24/7 basis. It is also important to note that the aforementioned times are subject to Daylight Savings Time, which begins on the last Sunday of March … Continued

Order Types Explained

To open a position of any kind in the forex market, you need to place an order. An order has all the relevant information about the position, like the position size, entry price, exit price, execution type and other. In Forex/CFD trading, you are able to decide whether you go directly into the market, immediately … Continued

Position Features Explained

Forex and CFD trading is a leveraged product which means that if the markets move against your positions, your losses will be multiplied by the leverage ratio you have selected. Some traders opt to use a high leverage ratio as it can multiply their profits when the markets move to the direction they have placed … Continued

Risk Warning: Trading in Forex/CFDs and Other Derivatives is highly speculative and carries a high level of risk.