Now that your account has been successfully activated and your trading account has a capital balance, we would like to illustrate to you how to open an option with BDSwiss Binary.

Please note that all the examples described herein are intended solely for demonstration and not investment advice.


First select an underlying asset (see graphic #1), they are divided into four different categories. You can choose from currency pairs, commodities, indices, and stocks. A detailed list can be found HERE.

The drop down menu (see graphic #2) will allow you to select your preferred expiry time.

In the Amount field (see graphic #3) you can enter your desired amount of investment for the option you are about to open. For “60 Second” and “One-Touch” Options you can select the amount of investment from a prefabricated list.

The final step is your assessment of the market. A Call Option expects rising prices, while a Put Option expects falling prices. (see graphic #4)


At your selected expiration time, it will be automatically checked if your prediction was correct. The actual price at the time of expiry will be taken and compared with the price of the asset when the option was opened.

A correct prediction leads to the reimbursement of your initial investment plus the agreed upon payout. An incorrect prediction leads to the loss of the initial investment. In the event that the opening and expiry prices are the same, your initial investment will be refunded.

Additional Option Features

Instead of letting your option expire regularly, you can use one of our additional option features to adjust your option individually, for example due to a change in market conditions. In the overview of your open positions, you will find these additional features, “Sell”, “Double Up” and “Rollover”.

“Sell”, as the name implies, gives you the ability to sell your option before it expires. you will receive an offer which you can then accept or decline. If you are confident in the current trend, you have the opportunity to “Double Up” which will open a new option with the same conditions of your open position but at the current price. Finally, if you think your option needs more time to move in your desired direction, you can extend the expiry time by using the “Rollover” feature.

Further information about the additional options features can be found HERE.

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