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Managing Risk

Learn best-practice risk and trade management practices when it comes to Forex/CFD trading. What Will You Learn? How to understand and identify risk Which measures to take to control risk What is a Stop Loss and a Take profit order, and what does trailing mean? Understand proper leveraging and risk per trade metrics Advanced Video … Continued

Popular Trading Strategies

In this lesson we will explore some of the most common forex strategies used by renowned traders all over the world. What Will You Learn? Why do we need a strategy? The most popular trading strategies What is scalping, day trading, swing trading and position trading? What are multi-indicator strategies? Advanced Video Courses Take the … Continued

Using Major Indicators & Moving Averages

Learn how you can use major indicators to help you better determine future price direction and how you can fully automate your trading strategy. What Will You Learn? Which are moving averages and how do we use them? What is the ATR and how to use it How to identify changes in the markets and … Continued

Charts Types & the Interplay of Different Time Frames

Learn about the different types of charts and how different time frames can affect your technical analysis. What Will You Learn? What are the main time frames? What is market time frame interplay? How are market time frames fractional? How to find the optimal time frame for each trading style Advanced Video Courses Take the … Continued

Leverage and Margin

Moving averages are one of the more popular technical indicators that traders use in the Forex market. In this lesson we will talk about how you can use moving averages to determine future price direction. What Will You Learn? What is leverage? What is margin? How do we calculate margin? How to avoid margin related … Continued

Thinking Strategically: Identify your Trading

Define your personal trading style through learning the most important principles of technical and fundamental analysis What Will You Learn? How to combine fundamental and technical analysis? The 4 main different trading styles Identifying your own trading style Putting your trading style to the test Intermediate Video Courses Take the Quiz ← Back to Overview

Important Trader’s Tools

Learn about all the free trading tools that you can use to compliment your market research. What Will You Learn? How to use the economic calendar Delving deeper into fundamental and technical analysis How can you use BDSwiss free Trading Alerts? How can our free live webinars help you increase your understanding of the markets? … Continued

Trend Analysis, Support & Resistance

Learn how to identify ongoing trends and how to automate your positions using support and resistance levels. What Will You Learn? How to perform trend analysis What is support and resistance and how are they calculated? How to use Stop Loss and Take Profit orders based on support and resistance What is trend following and … Continued

Customise your Trading Desktop

Learn how you can customise your trading desktop so that you can better monitor the financial markets. What Will You Learn? How to customise your chart How to customise different markets you want to follow What is an MT4 template and how to create one? What is an MT4 profile and how to create one? … Continued

Market Types & Asset Categories

BDSwiss offers hundreds of different assets that can be divided into separate categories and are tradable during different sessions. What Will You Learn? What markets are there to trade? What are each market’s attributes? How to trade each market How to trade different market combinations Intermediate Video Courses Take the Quiz ← Back to Overview

Risk Warning: Trading in Forex/CFDs and Other Derivatives is highly speculative and carries a high level of risk.